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  I am a taxi driver. One Monday morning, I hadstopped at New York Hospital
when I spied a well-dressed man dashing down the steps. He was hailingme. I
waited until he jumped into the cab. "LaGuardiaAirport, please," he said.

  As always, I wondered about my passenger. "Whatdo you do?" “I’m in the
neurology department at this hospital. " For some unknown reason, Idecided to
ask for his help.

  "Could I ask a favor of you?" He didn't answer. "I have a. son, 16. He's
doing well in school. Hewants a job this summer. Is there any possibility that
you might get him a summer job?" Aftera pause, he said, "The medical students
have a research project. Maybe he could fit in. Have himsend me his school
record. " He searched his pocket and handed me a card.

  That evening, I pulled the card from my pocket. "Robbie," I announced
proudly, "this could bea summer job for you. Send him your school record. " He
read it out loud: "Fred Plum, NewYork Hospital. " "Is this a joke?" he said in
disbelief. Afire I yelled and threatened to cut off hisallowance, Robbie
promised to send off his grades the next miming.

  'Iowa weeks later, when I arrived home, my son handed me a letter from
Plum. He was to phonePlum's secretary for an interview.

  Robbie got the job. The white coat he wore made tom feel more important
than he really was.As high school graduation neared, Plum was kind enough to
write letters of recommendationfor universities. To our delight, Robbie was
admitted to New York Medical College.

  It never occurred to me that a stranger should transform my son's

  21. Who does the underlined phrase "a well-dressed man" in the first
paragraph refer to?

  A. The author, B. Plum. C. Robbie. D. Patient.

  22. The author threatened to cut off Robbie's allowance probably because _

  A. he was tired after a day's work

  B. he didn't earn enough money

  C. Robbie was unwilling to work

  D. Robbie doubted what he said

  23. It can be inferred from the passage that Plum is .

  A. patient and selfless

  B. generous and respectful

  C. kind and helpful

  D. wealthy and handsome

  24. What message does the passage convey?

  A. A stranger may change your life.

  B. One must be friendly to strangers.

  C. A father should be responsible for his son.

  D. Doctors may have great influence over people.


  Robots performing tasks according to a predetermined set of instructions
are nothing new.But robots able to learn how to cook by watching videos are a
completely different approach,which is conducted by a group of researchers at
the University of Maryland.

  If you have posted a video of your favorite recipe on the popular web site
YouTube, chancesare that it will be used by a robot. University of Maryland
professor Hyannis Alimonies, leader ofthe group, said "there exists a large
amount of video information on the Internet that ourrobots can capitalize on.

  "At present, the videos are fed electronically," said research scientist
Cornelia Ferule, "Originally, we took our own videos, our cameras looking at us
doing the cooking," sheexplained. "And, as the robot advanced, it reacted to
good quality videos. And it will react toeven lower quality home-mace videos.

  So far, the robot named Julia can make a simple salad by breaking each task
into basic parts,such as grasping a spoon, bringing it to the bowl, stirring the
salad mad observing theresults.

  But why teach a robot how to understand a video when it can easily follow a
fixed program?Alimonies believes predetermined instructions lack flexibility. He
thinks one of the problems ishow to make the robot understand and use what it
loams during a certain task, the so-calledfeedback; another: the introduction of

  "I believe it will take quite some time before the robots are able to
understand metaphoricallanguage," he added. "But," he said, "we don't need that
to create a new world where therobots will be working for us. "

  25. The underlined phrase "capitalize on" probably can be replaced

  A. take hold of B. make use of

  C. keep track of D. catch sight of

  26. Alimonies probably agrees that at present the robot .

  A. can not fully digest what it loams

  B. can not make a simple salad

  C. can follow home-made videos

  D. can understand metaphorical language

  27. Robots are taught to understand a video mainly because

  A. they can easily follow fixed programs

  B. they are smart enough to learn cooking

  C. cooking videos are more interesting to watch

  D. predetermined instructions are not flexible

  28. Which of the following might best serve as the title of the

  A. Robots Creating a New World

  B. Robots Making Cooking Videos

  C. Robots Laming to Cook by Watching Videos

  D. Robots Performing Tasks by Following Instructions


  Nearly 25% of the entire U. S. population is likely tohit the road during
the holidays this year. We'vepicked the best road food stops along some of
theSouth's most traveled interstates(洲际公路)。

  1-35 | San Antonio, TX, to Oklahoma City, OK

  Fancy That I Exit 109, Norman, OK I Miles fromInterstate: 2,8

  This downtown store offers a sit-down "classic

  lunch" for $8 that includes an entr6e(主菜)and aside: a big meatball
sandwich, perhaps, with a strawberry, blue cheese, or a fat BLT on Texastoast
with a salad.

  215 East Main Street; 236/908-2209; fancy that. us. com

  Babe's Chicken Dinner House I Exit 477, Sanger, Texas I Miles from
Interstate: 0. 8

  You’ I find yourself at Babe's by the log-foot-tall chicken standing
outside the front door of thisstore. But here's the real draw: golden fried
chicken and chicken-fried steak, served worthfamily-style sides.

  202 North Fourth Street: 116/498-1208: babes chicken. com

  I-40 | Nashville, TN, to Wilmington, NC

  The Feed Bag Restaurant ] Exit 174, Farmington, NC j Miles from Interstate:
2. 2

  Located in a former general store down a country road, this simple country
restaurant servesfresh, local food with zero cheats and tricks.

  2339 NC Highway 801 North; 336/998-1109

  Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen I Exit 270, Chapel Hill, NC I Miles from
Interstate: 1. 8

  Sunrise is sandwich king-there's no beating these giant biscuits filled
with egg, sausage,cheese, or whatever filling you'd like. It's drive-through
only-perfect for when you don't havetime to stop and sit. Just get there before
2:30 p. m. , when they close.

  1305 East Franklin Street; 919/933-1324

  29. If you are interested in meatball sandwiches, which telephone number
will you call?

  A. 116/498-1208. B. 336/998-1109.

  C. 919/933-1324. D. 236/908-2209.

  30. What is special about Sunrise Backlit Kitchen?

  A. You can taste fresh local food.

  B. You don't have to stop and sit.

  C. A sit-down classic lunch is served.

  D. A l0-foot-tall chicken stands outside.

  31. What do the four food stops have in common?

  A. Providing giant biscuits. B. Having their own websites.

  C. Being open 24 hours. D. Being close to the interstates.


  The spread of Western eating habits around the wood is bad for human health
and theenvironment. These findings come from a new report in the journal

  David Tillman, a professor of ecology at the University of Minnesota,
America, examinedinformation from 100 countries to identify what people ate and
how diet affected health. Henoted a movement beginning in the 1960s. He found
that as nations industrialized,population increased and earnings rose, more
people began to adopt what has been called theWe stem diet.

  The Western diet is high in sugar, fat, oil and meat. By eating these
foods, people began to getfatter and sicker. David Tillman says overweight
people are at greater risk for non-infectiousdiseases like diabetes and heart

  Unfortunately when people become industrialized, if they adopt this Western
diet, they aregoing to have these health problems, especially in developing
countries in Asia. China is anexample where the number of diabetes cases has
been jumping from less than one percent t0 10 percent of the population as they
began to industrialize over a 20-year period. And that ishappening all across
the world, in Mexico, in Nigeria and so on.

  And, a diet bad for human beings, is also bad for the environment. As the
world's populationgrows, more forests and tropical(熟带的) areas will become
farmland for crops or grasslandsfor cattle. We are likely to have more
greenhouse gas in the future from agriculture than thatcoming out of all forms
of transportation right now.

  Mr. Tillman calls the link between diet, the environment and human health,
"a dilemma": aproblem offering a difficult choice. He says one possible solution
is leaving the Western dietbehind.

  32. According to the passage, more greenhouse gas might be given off in the
future from .

  A. transportation B. developing countries

  C. agriculture D. developed countries

  33. David Tilman believes that .

  A. diet, the environment and human health are closely connected

  B. the Western diet is the only choice as the nation industrializes

  C. people in tropical areas are more likely to have heart disease

  D. traditional diets are more balanced than the Western diet

  34. We can infer from the passage that _ .

  A. Nigeria has the largest number of diabetes cases

  B. overweight people are at higher risk of infectious diseases

  C. the examined information comes from developing countries

  D. industrialization contributes to the spread of the Western diet

  35. The main purpose of the passage is to _ .

  A. can on us to protect the environment

  C. remind us of the importance of health

  B. warn us of the danger of the Western diet

  D. advise us to have a balanced diet


F、G选项,则选E涂A、B,选F涂A、C,选G涂A、D. )

  In our comparison-soaked culture, it’s hard toavoid slipping into “Why
can’t I?” mode. When oneof my colleagues who I think is not better than
mepublished a new book, I couldn’t help complaininghow unachievable it seemed to
me and what bad luckI had. Negative feelings like this made life dark for us. 36
Here’s what I learned:

  Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.

  The first time I heard this excellent advice, I was suffering from terrible
envy. My professor’swarning shocked me that “You have no idea what it took for
them to get there”。 Don’t just oweit to pure luck. 37 ”

  She was absolutely right, yet it’s much easier to envy what they’ve got
than it is to ask theserious question; what are they modeling for me? What have
they done to get where they aretoday? 38

  Transform comparison into celebration.

  Admiration and envy are responses pointing us toward what we value most. 39
If you noticeyourself admiring people who take creative risks, bring your full
attention to the part of youwants to be braver.


  Next time you catch yourself admiring or envying someone’s success, take a
moment toconsider: what qualities in them inspire me? Where do I presently
display these qualities?Remember the light we see in others can help we see our

  A. Use the success of others as a mirror.

  B. Learn to appreciate others' shining points

  C. How to get rid of the harmful effects of comparison needs exploring.

  D. However, there is no doubt that good luck can't be ignored.

  E. Instead, you should fad out what's really going on behind the scenes

  F. And once we become aware of what we value, we are much better positioned
to create arichly satisfying life

  G. When we reflect on these questions, we shift immediately out of
comparison mode andturn inwards.


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