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  Building up Self-Confidence

  Self-confidence, as is approved by research and practice, has an amazingly
powerful influence on the output of people’s activities. Patients who believe
that they’ll recover soon generally cures faster than those who think they
won’t. Students with optimistic characters usually provide better performance,
even if they work the same hard as others. Although someone may regard such
conclusion as superstitious, it does take place everyday and everywhere. Neural
scientists have discovered that, when a man feels confident, his brain will
secrete some kinds of hormone that boost brain activity and improve the
efficiency of his immune system. In contrast, a melancholic brain is suppressed
by other chemicals and cannot fully exhibit its potential.

  To help building up self-confidence, you can take the following two steps.
First, identify your merits and value them. If you constantly compare your
weakness to others’ advantages, you’d only gain frustration rather than
confidence. Second, track every little progress you’ve made and review them
frequently. You may not possibly become perfectly successful in one day, but if
only you can see yourself growing gradually, surely you’re on the right way.
There’re also other methods making you more confident that depend on yourself to
find out, and they’re all necessary elements to make you more competitive in
your area.


  Shaping the Morality

  According to a survey, more than two thirds of people inChinaagree that,
the public moral level is lower than before. This figure, although hard to
accept, has indicated the fact that the nation’s overall morality is declining.
If you pay some attention, you could easily point out some improper behaviors
happening around: young men refusing to give seats to the old on buses; shoppers
jamming into queue instead of waiting in line; crude riders neglecting red
lights, etc. So what the hell is going on?

  As analysts have figured out, this trend of degradation mainly originated
from faulty education. For decades, Chinese schools simply infuse bookish
knowledge to their students, whilst moral cultivation becomes a kind of
formalism; on the other hand, children are naturally influenced by their family
and other adults in the society, most of whom are too sophisticated to be
considered as eligible moral models.

  Facing such disappointing condition, you may ask: how can things become
better? As far as I am concerned, we must following these three steps. First of
all: self-shaping. We should manage ourselves well, and try to shape our own
morality as perfect as possible. The second step: family-shaping, which is to
behave as the model for your children and improve their moral status through
strict discipline. The third: organization-shaping. If you are leading people,
such as being a manager or national president, you could reinforce your whole
organization’s moral situation with policy and your own action. Even if you’re
no leader, you’ll have a positive impact on the society if only you manage
yourself well and try to influence others as much as possible.



  The Attraction of Dangerous Activities

  In the past, people often faced many dangers in their daily lives. They had
to cope with not only natural disasters and frequent outbreaks of disease, but
also dangerous animals and warfare. The need to hunt and to protect their
territory from other people required them to be skilled in the use of weapons.
In addition, any travel also involved great risk as there were few roads and
bridges. Nowadays, people do not have to live with such dangers on a daily
basis, and yet many people choose to involve themselves in risky activities such
as dangerous sports. I believe the following reasons can explain the attraction
of such activities.

  One reason people are attracted to risky activities is that hey crave
excitement. The thrill of mountain climbing or bungee jumping can satisfy their
need to break out of their routine. Without the excitement of such sports, they
may feel bored with their lives. Another reason people like such activities is
that these activities often require a certain amount of skill. Learning to drive
a racecar or hang-glide may satisfy the desire to excel and give the participant
a feeling of accomplishment and personal confidence in his abilities. A final
reason that people may choose to engage in risky activities is that they want to
stand out from the crowd. By developing a skill that others don’t have, they can
feel unique.

  For all of these reasons, I believe that risky activities will continue to
be popular with some people. In fact, it seems that as soon as one activity
becomes safer or commonplace, thrill seekers come up with a new way to challenge
their skills and courage.


  Money for the Environment

  Both the arts and protecting the environment are important causes, and both
are often underfunded. They depend on government grants and private donations in
order to continue. If a company were to give a sum of money to one of these
causes, it would be difficult to choose between them. However, I believe that
the company should put the money toward protecting the environment for the
following reasons.

  First, the state of the environment affects everyone, and it affects people
in a very important way. If mankind destroys the environment, we will not be
able to survive. The arts are important to our quality of life, but the
environment is important both to the quality of life and to life itself. Second,
because industry causes much of the damage to the environment, I believe that
companies have some responsibility to support conservation and cleanup efforts.
Finally, protecting the environment is a bigger problem, and so requires a
higher level of funding than the arts. A company’s donation to the arts may be
more visible, but one to the protection of the environment would be more

  In conclusion, while both the arts and environmental protection are worthy
causes, I believe the company should make its donation to an environmental
cause. The environment affects everyone in important ways and protecting it is a
big job. Hopefully, private donations will help to improve both our environment
and our lives.


  Save the Energy Resources

  Another round of energy crisis is knocking at the door. In 2004, world oil
consumption reached a new record, causing oil price in the international market
to skyrocket amazingly. As forChina, it was reported that many traditional
mineral cities in northeasternChinahad run into predicament, with their economy
collapsed and workers unemployed, only because coal had been mined out.

  Fossil energy resources, including coal, oil and gas, are unlike sunlight,
water power and wind power which are generated consistently. They’re not
practically reproductive during human history. Once consumed, they’re gone
forever. If they were to be exhausted before we could find sufficient
reproductive resources to replace them with, we’d have to live in entire
blackout again like our ancestors have done thousands of years ago. That’s of
course not what anyone would want to see.

  Due to technical limitations, people still have to utilize these resources

  As a result, we must economize them most cleverly. New techniques should be
developed and applied to reduce energy cost in industry and daily life.
Alternative energy should be employed wherever possible. Eradicate any practice
that wastes energy. Humans have overcome so many crises in history, and we’re
sure to win this time also.


时装和娱乐层出不穹、 日新月异。这一切使我们的生活更为舒适、丰富多彩。因此,

  The Relationship between Wealth and Happiness Wealth has always been what
some people long for. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by
means of honest labor. Their efforts contribute to the welfare of the society
and at the same time to the accumulation of their wealth, and hence to their

  There is no doubt that wealth brings happiness, especially in the modern
society. Various kinds of up-to-date household appliances, latest fashions and
recreations make their appearance with each passing day. All this makes our life
more comfortable and colorful. Therefore, without money we cannot turn
admiration into reality.

  Wealth, however, can also lead to disasters, if we have an inappropriate
approach to it. Wealth may tempt weak-willed persons to be addicted to harmful
habits, such as drug-taking and gambling, and result in their own ruin. Besides,
a person maylose his reason and go astray if he intends only to seek wealth and
indulges himself in leading a luxurious life. For example,there are some
government officials who take advantage of their positions to take bribes from
the people turning to them forhelp. Obviously, wealth may bring us disasters if
we don’t take a proper attitude to it.In my opinion, on no account can we equate
happiness with wealth. I also believe that one should never reckon only on
wealth to achieve happiness. (224 words)


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