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  还有不到一百天的时间,我们高三毕业生就要参加高考啦,阿卡索外教网的小编为大家找了50句包括高考英语的核心知识,快来背吧!   1 .We should always bear …



  1 .We should always bear in mind that if we are ignorant of our health for promotion, disease will gradually approach us with the help of tiredness.


  2. I looked for the history book because I wanted to find out when America was founded, and at last I found the dusty book in a dim room.


  3. There are so many reference books on this romantic poet for me to choose from that I can’t make up my mind which to choose.


  4. It seemed that the handsome actor was not a bit worried, but in fact, he was not a little concerned about the result of the investigation, which may destroy his bright future.


  5. Unluckily,the delegate felt so sleepy that he soon fell asleep without realizing that he hadleft his passport and the draft of his speech in the taxi.


  6. It is reported that by the end of 2014, Shanghai Disney Theme Park will have been open to the tourists from all over the world formally.


  7. The engineer pointed out, “to some extent, the more functions a calculator has, the more likely it is to be out of order.”


  8. We haven’t contacted each other since he left the organization but fortunately I could still recognize him in a quiz show on TV without hesitation.


  9. The merry aged couple got married in 1949 and up till now they have been married for 6decades, which was admired by many young couples.


  10. The young clerk expressed full of confidence that he was qualified for that demanding mission, which was beyond our expectation.


  11. He was so eager for success that he consulted a successful CEO about how tosucceed in regulating a joint venture company.


  12. The sailor has adequate experience and he tells us his interesting experiences every time we are invited to his party.


  13. After scrubbing the table swiftly, the waiter brought a menu to me and suggested that I should have a try at the new meal and tell him my attitude towards it.


  14. The distinguished enterprise consists of 12 departments, each of which is made up of 20 people, who graduated from top universities.


  15. The president was quoted as saying that he was deeply moved by this moving film, which was based on a real story.


  16. The considerate wife was very pleased with her own cooking because it tasted delicious and she was sure her husband would be fond of it.


  17. The naughty boy lied that a hen which lay under the tree had laid 2 eggs; hence, his parents resolved to scold him rather than forgive him.


  18. Mayor was invited to make some comments not only on what happened, including the conflict between several residents and the police, but also on what will happen, an international conference on global trade included.


  19. After completing too much work imposed by my boss in a much too short time, I couldn’t bear the pressure so I asked for a two-day leave to adjust myself.


  20. I used to rise very late during the summer vacation, but I am used to waking up very early because the distance between my house and the office is 20 kilometers apart.


  21. Last year, my total income, with my reward added to, added up to 15,000 yuan, which was not in proportion to what I did.去年我的总收入,加上奖金,总计为一万五千元,这与我的付出不成正比。

  22. These designers are discussing how to double the scale of the park so that more people can enter and relax themselves at weekends.


  23. The retired minister who likes excursion lives alone in a mountain village, but he doesn’t feel lonely because he has made friends with his digital camera.


  24.-David has made so distinct progress in English recently that he can speak English fluently now.

  -So he has, and so have you. Congratulations on being enrolled in Harvard University.



  25. According to your language ability, we can recommend 3 levels of courses ranging from elementary, intermediate to advanced.


  26. This respectable expert said he would rather accept a respectful student who was not temporarily successful in his study than a top student who didn’t know how torespect others.


  27. The experts will take the amateur’s advice into account and then decide to adopt it or not in the automatic heating system.


  28. Electronic games don’t have many effects on adults but affect students a great deal; therefore, many parents make efforts to limit their children’s playing time.


  29. After seeing plenty of solid evidence, the greedy thief had no alternative but to acknowledge that it was he that stole the gold watch.


  30. After the committee declares that the tickets for the concert are available to the public, many people are willing to wait in a long queue to buy one.


  31. Regardless of his partner’s objection, he still determined to apply for the position of manager because he knew how to apply the commercial theory to the reality.


  32. By contrast, before signing the contract, this university student didn’t contact his parents but make contact with his new colleague.


  33. He was permitted to practice the piano no more than one hour a day, so he could notplay any more than 10 songs.


  34. A heavy fog resulted in a severe traffic jam and his being late just resulted from the traffic jam.


  35. This tale is well worth reading, but it is not worthy of being translated, a foreign language researcher said.


  36. Not until his mother reminded him of tomorrow’s dictation contest was he aware that he had scarcely recited the words or had any vocabulary drills.


  37. Everybody in the class except Li Ming thinks that the composition can get a high markexcept for some spelling and grammatical mistakes.


  38. On hearing the girl struck by a truck has been sent to hospital by ambulance, many people volunteered to donate blood and left the message that the driver should be arrested as soon as possible.


  39. The football team got there ahead of schedule so as to get familiar with the awful weather and food as soon as possible.


  40. A number of audience were present in the registration center in the morning, the number of whom was 300; nevertheless, the host had forgot to arrange temporary accommodations.


  41. No one can deny that the rise of China’s economy leads China to play a more and more important role in international affairs.


  42. Since you have recovered from the heart attack, why don’t you get up and have a walk around the garden in the hospital in such a mild day?


  43. There is no point in complaining about the quality of dress to the guard because he is not responsible for it.


  44. All the patriotic students taking pride in the motherland will raise their hands the moment the national flag is rising.


  45. Lately Peter is fascinated by Linda’s latest dramatic story which is much better than herlast one, so he is always late for school these days.


  46. The obvious reason why these two companies bargained with each other over the imported products is just that they both intended to benefit from these products after estimating their real value.


  47. Recently, many senior high school students hoped to be independent of their parents, and in the meanwhile, more and more parents began to concentrate their attention on the generation gap.


  48. So many citizens crowded into the zoo to observe how the panda gave birth to its baby that no wonder the zoo had to restrict the number of people in case any accident might occur.


  49. Though the boss approved of this project, it had to be abandoned mainly because thefirm was short of extrafinance.


  50. To make herself understood, the interpreter was busy explaining carefully the terms involved in the contract and how they accounted for the profits.



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