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  很多女生心中都住着一个男生,占星学中,通常将女性内心男性化的一面与其太阳星座联系在一起。女生心中男性化的一面会与她喜欢的男性类型有关联吗?答案是肯定的。   Aries For…



  Aries Forget about someone killing you softly. This man
had better be ready to take you, caveman-style. An Aries animus reeks of raw,
heroic power – the kind of man who will barge in, seize the moment and save his
damsel from distress, all while leaping tall buildings in a single bound.


  Taurus This man had better understand all the nooks and
crannies involved Your Inner Masculine Side in sensual pleasure when it comes to
magnetizing a Taurus woman. Her inner male counterpart wrote the book on
celebrating the body beautiful. With a voice like velvet and a Rock-of-
Gibraltar personality, nothing short of the perfect gentle beast will do for
this stubborn beauty.


  Gemini The Gemini animus is the beguiling Don Juan, with
enough tricks up his sleeve to keep his woman eternally enthralled ... or
confused ... or both. He’s the cutie who perfectly crow about his online
profile, adopts a bad-boy persona and flirts like hell.


  Cancer Mama’s boys are warmly welcome here. Domesticated,
sensitive and paternal are qualities sure to snag the projection of a Cancer
female’s inner animus. This is the family man with a heart of gold who will
never forget your birthday or refuse to cook you a meal.


  Leo The animus of a Lioness is nothing
short of a rock star, with an adoring entourage of fans to boot. The catch, of
course, is that he spots the irresistible beauty of the Leo female – and when
that happens, nothing else matters. He’s a leader of some exciting scene, or
perhaps completely famous if there’s any chance of this kitten being


  Virgo Hardworking, masterful and clean as a whistle are
prerequisites to attract a discerning Virgo lady. Her inner animus is an
analytical man, sharp as a razor and willing to work night and day until he
reaches perfection in his chosen craft.


  Libra The Libra animus breathes beauty. Perfectly groomed,
dressed to the nines, and just as pretty as he is handsome, this is the
consummate sharp-dressed man. The Libra animus will wine and dine his woman,
take her to art galleries and charm her silly until he hits one of his fickle


  Scorpio The Scorpio animus is that intense, magnetic and
mysterious creature clearly hiding volumes of dark secrets beneath a super-cool
and calculated demeanor. His undeniable sexual appeal looms heavily in the air,
as does an undeniable shroud of danger. She knows she should tread carefully,
yet she can’t resist the potentially deadly sting of the Scorpio animus.


  Sagittarius This is the man who knows how to live it up,
as if on a perpetual vacation complete with cocktails and poolside dancing. He’s
also the brilliant and worldly animus with a million philosophies to share. He’s
lavish in his response to life and generous to a fault. The twinkle in his eye,
the laughter in his voice and the spring in his step are foolproof hooks sure to
snag a gal.


  Capricorn This is the mogul – the big daddy who will right
everything wrong in this world with the sheer power of his status. A Capricorn
woman cannot resist a man who’s the master of his world. And if he’s built his
name from scratch, all the more devastating.


  Aquarius This is the rebel with (or without) a cause. An
Aquarius woman cannot resist a man who is truly unique and unafraid to
experiment with cuttingedge ideas. If he’s surrounded by a constant entourage of
friends and admirers, she’s instantly intrigued. The more emotionally detached
and unpredictable this oddball is in his actions, the more enthralled his
Aquarian woman will be.


  Pisces This animus is a poet, savior and consummate soul
mate. Sure, he’s moody, sleepy, addictive and inconsistent in behavior, but that
only adds to his elusive charm. Everything hurts this sensitive soul, but when
he’s inspired, no one is more glamorous and creative.



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